An educated consumer is our best customer.

We put together our top tools and resources, so you can learn about the roofing, remodeling and construction process and make informed decisions.  An educated consumer is our best customer.

At Cornerstone Construction, we are selective about the products we use.  That is why we partner with GAF, North America’s leading roofing manufacturer.  Consumers trust GAF to protect what matters most in their daily lives – their families, their businesses, and their homes.

In turn, GAF entrusts a select group of roofing contractors with their Master Elite® Certification status.  Only 2% of all roofing contractors qualify as Master Elite® and Cornerstone Construction is one of them.  Master Elite® status is obtained through a factory certification program and ongoing training to ensure your roof installation meets the highest standards in the industry.  When your contractor is factory-certified by GAF, you can count on professional installation, superior protection, and special warranty options.

Click here to check whether your contractor is factory-certified by GAF and view our Master Elite® Certification status by inputting our unique Contractor ID# ME45156 .

Here are some great resources from GAF

Virtual Home Remodeler

It’s important to explore all options and find the right shingle to fit your home.  With GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler, you can select a home similar to yours or use a picture of your own house to visualize your roof before you contact a GAF factory-certified contractor.

GAF Style Guide

Let us bring your style home.  Bring your personal style home with a wide range of colors, looks, and architectural shapes.  Explore them all with GAF Style Guide.  


Compare GAF Warranties

There are several warranty options available from GAF.  Explore each option to find the best fit for you.

If you enjoyed perusing GAF‘s site and experimenting with their tools,  you will be sure to enjoy a hands-on experience viewing the samples and literature in person.  Schedule with Cornerstone Construction now for a free report and our team will be happy to bring this material to your inspection.


Additional Resources

Verify Our Licensing

A valid license is the first indication that your contractor might be qualified to do the job.  A licensed contractor understands how the process is done and ensures city and town requirements are adhered to.

Commercial Contractors License # G121818

Residential Builders License #59775

Check Our Insurance & Bonding

A licensed and bonded contractor can give you greater peace of mind knowing that if something happens on the job, such as injury or damage to your home, they are properly insured and the responsibility falls on them.

General Liability: Click here to view
Workers Comp: Click here to view
Bond: Click here to view